2. About this old doc…

April 2, 2015

When I evaluate any assertions or opinions I always consider the source.  Therefore let me offer you a brief outline of my own history.

  • I attended law school for two years before returning to college for some pre-med courses.
  • In the middle of which I was drafted and spent two years as an Army news writer, with my stories published daily in Stars and Stripes, by AP UPI, the German wire service DPA, and many hometown newspapers.
  • Following the completion of pre-med courses I attended medical school.
  • After which I served an internship and two years of surgical residency,
  • Before entering practice as a Family Physician.
  • Having practiced for 17 years as a family doc, and needing a job with regular hours in order to be a responsible single father, I became a regional medical director for a large airline, serving for 11 years in a very busy company clinic.
  • Taking early retirement from the airline, and with my kids grown and flown, I completed a three year residency training program in psychiatry,
  • Then worked at a state hospital as a Forensic and Addiction psychiatrist for several years until a second retirement in 2000.
  • I am the parent of two sons and two daughters, successful in their various careers.
  • Though conservatives think I am a lefty and liberals think I am to the right of Genghis Kahn,  I am an Independent voter and on most issues will fall somewhere in between.
  • In a way, this blog represents a return to journalism, from which I have never actually strayed very far.

Hope that gives you enough to “consider the source.”